Mindfulness is a valuable tool to help ease the stress of modern life. It’s about calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s thoughts with the intention to FOCUS on quieting the mind. I enjoy teaching mindfulness to youth as a therapeutic technique. You’d be surprised to learn how receptive teens are at developing wellness tools. I’m always inspired by them as we engage in positive dialogue that allows us all to EXPAND more.


I’m often asked to define mindfulness in ways that are relatable to most people. I explain that mindfulness meditation is about bringing your awareness to the bodily sensations such as your breath. The purpose is to quiet the outside world in that moment. For example, as you focus your attention on reading this post you’re not thinking about your to-do-list, what you will cook for dinner, deadlines or responsibilities. You’re simply reading the words in its entirety. This ALLOWS you to have single-pointed concentration.


When you FOCUS your MIND for the purpose of allowing ease and relaxation to flow this helps you conserve your ENERGY. Developing concentration is vital for someone who aspires to be more efficient and wants to take charge of their life. Single-pointed concentration enables faster comprehension, IMPROVES memory, SHARPENS your focus with task, job, goals, and therefore, achieving them more easily and efficiently.


When you combine mindfulness meditation with single-pointed concentration you are actually bringing your attention inward. You are aligning with your inner power. This can be challenging for people who are accustomed to a certain thought pattern or runaway busy mind, but with practice and consistency, you’ll notice many benefits to your life.


Your level of anxiety will decrease, you’ll feel better equipped to navigate through life’s challenges. Your ability to FOCUS will improve, mental CLARITY improves, the ability to receive inspired ideas will INCREASE. You’ll release tension and resistance in your body which helps to improve your HEALTH. Need I say more??


Living mindfully means being conscious and aware of the moment. Being selective with your thoughts and actions. To focus on things that SUPPORT you and move you FORWARD. Mindful living is knowing when to listen and when to speak. It is to cultivate an environment that fosters POSITIVE thinking.


Taking moments in your day to appreciate your health and wellness is the mindful way. Mindful people take the time to refuel. They’re aware they have MORE to contribute to others when they take care of themselves. Mindful people turn their daily task into mindful moments.


Our community aims to foster an environment to encourage mindfulness and healthy living. Our wish is for everyone within its reach to be touched in a positive and impactful way. We hope to provide you with information that resonates with the BEST parts of you.


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  2. Darnell, thanks for stopping by my friend. I appreciate your kind words. Please feel free to connect with me on social media for updates and to join my wellness community. I’d love to have you!

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