As I celebrate my 42nd birthday this month, I reflect on my life over the years. Taking a long deep breath, with tears of joy in my eyes. I’m so happy I discovered how to truly love myself. Looking at photos from 20 years ago, I’m reminded of how eager I was to create my life, travel, meet wonderful people and experience amazing adventures. I was quiet, unsure and insecure. Eventually, I learned to cover it well.


I didn’t expect to feel so emotional writing this post. I set out to share what I’ve learned over the years and I realized that we often focus so much on adversities and challenges that we unconsciously give our negative past experiences so much more mental space. We magnify them and the wonderful memories get minimized.


I’m not going to focus on past adversities and challenges in this blog post because we all have a story of overcoming obstacles. Instead, I’m writing this post in complete appreciation for how those adversities helped to shape me. The good and bad has made me who I am today, and I can honestly say I love the woman I’ve become. For the young person who is currently doubting yourself, and tired of feeling like you’re not good enough…this is for you.

17 Things I would tell my younger self….

  1. Don’t be afraid to love.
  2. Every disappointment will help you clarify what you really want in life, so don’t take score too soon.
  3. Being your worst critic is overrated. Become your biggest advocate.
  4. Those people who don’t get you, that’s not your Tribe.
  5. Create an environment that nurtures and supports you being the best version of yourself.
  6. You are never stuck.
  7. Let go.
  8. Find the things that make you happy and do more of that.
  9. Before getting into a relationship, become happy first. Then, date your vibrational equivalent. Someone who brings, even more, happiness into your already happy life.
  10. Take care of yourself emotionally.
  11. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  12. Give yourself permission to make mistakes.
  13. Don’t look at yourself through the eyes of others. Most people don’t even like themselves.
  14. Throw away the scale. You didn’t come into this precious gift of a life to waste it obsessing over weight.
  15. Don’t wait for the world to validate you. Validate yourself, the world will catch up.
  16. Those odd qualities you were once embarrassed about, they turn out to be your greatest strengths.
  17. Lastly, that feeling you get for no reason at all, when you feel inspired, creative and loved. That’s you connecting to who you really are. Hold on to that.

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