One of my favorite stories to tell is the one of how I discovered the meaning of my name, Tawanna. I was a young twenty-something, adventurous, joy seeker living in Johannesburg, South Africa. I lived in a beautiful two-story, eight-bedroom home with a house full of twenty-something, adventurous, joy seekers from around the world. Most were university students, models, and young actors. The home was gated with greenery and surrounded by a well-manicured yard that had a large vegetable garden in the back. In the mornings, people would congregate on the patio sipping tea and sharing stories.

One gorgeous day, I took my weekly walk to the local market to buy my groceries. I was accompanied by one of my roommates from Paris, France who took the walk with me regularly and would sit in the kitchen to talk with me as I cooked our meals. The walk to the market was very long. I looked forward to it each time.

As we were leaving the rather large residential edition to access the busy main street, a group of friends was walking towards us headed in the opposite direction. A young woman stopped as we passed. She turned to me and began speaking in one of the many languages you hear in the region. I nodded to her attempting to express my inability to speak anything other than English, so she began to respond in English instead.

Together we had the most wonderful rendezvous on the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa. The friendly exchange was positive and uplifting. They were from Zimbabwe and explained that in the native language of Shona when they’re looking for something and find it they say Tawana, which means “I found it.”

"You possess within you valuable treasure."

Each time I share this story I’m reminded that we are all unique finds. You possess within you valuable treasure that we often seek outside of ourselves. We look to relationships, acceptance from others, love from family members, and recognition to validate us. We intuitively know that we are so much more than what meets the eye. We are love looking for a place to happen in this world.

On the quest, we become pulled in many different directions and it becomes hard and unclear. But never doubt that you are a spiritual giant wondering this planet. The thing you seek the most is something that you’ve possessed inside all along. Who you are is more than enough and the things you seek are also seeking you. All is well. All will be well because well-being abounds.

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