What is TruExpansion Foundation?

TruExpansion Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides Youth Empowerment Programs and Vocational Training in Business Office Services to teens. Our personal development, life skills and wellness programs empower youth through exercises to help identify positive ways to manage thoughts and emotions. Students learn how to eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs that often hinders one from reaching their full potential and students develop tools for creating a positive self-image and a healthy foundation.

TruExpansion Foundation has established 6-key elements to help teens explore their potential, build confidence and cultivate success tools to aid in achieving their goals and become valuable leaders in their community who positively impact the world around them. When applying the tools in this program teens learn how to form habits that build confidence and create an atmosphere for success.

Our Vocational Training in Business Office Services provides teens with office skills, business etiquette, leadership skills and prepares teens for a broad range of positions within a professional office environment. Teens develop knowledge and skills to add value to an organization. To learn more about TruExpansion Foundation, our programs or how you can sponsor a child in our programs visit us here www.truexpansion.org.

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