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THOUGHTS TRAIN YOUR BRAIN Do you find it difficult to manage your thoughts? Our natural survival instincts help us in situations of immediate harm. However, our bodies are not designed to stay in fight or flight responses daily. Stress, anxiety, worry, and negative thoughts keep you activated in fight or flight emotions. When you stay in…


Have you ever felt misunderstood? It’s a part of life. If you alter yourself to accommodate others or cover up who you are to fit in you’ll waste the BEST parts of your LIFE in confusion over people and their actions. Truth is our past experiences (and how we choose to interpret them) shape our perception.…


Mindfulness is a valuable tool to help ease the stress of modern life. It’s about calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s thoughts with the intention to FOCUS on quieting the mind. I enjoy teaching mindfulness to youth as a therapeutic technique. You’d be surprised to learn how receptive teens are at developing wellness tools. I’m always…